IBJJF changes names of the master, senior divisions for 2014

worlds master & Senior

The IBJJF decided to alter the names of the master & senior divisions in its tournaments next year.

From 2014 on, no division will be named senior.

With that, the names now are:

Master becomes Master 1

Senior 1 becomes Master 2

Senior 2  becomes Master 3

Senior 3  becomes Master 4

Senior 4  becomes Master 5

Senior 5 becomes Master 6

For more info, go to ibjjf.com.

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12 Responses to “IBJJF changes names of the master, senior divisions for 2014”

  1. Kenichi Kudo says:


  2. Toshimichi Iseya says:


  3. Noriaki Takei says:


  4. Nakamura Yasunao says:


  5. Rachael Chin says:

    that is the correct terminology and synonymous with the longstanding judo age categories!

  6. Rob Connor says:

    Irrelevant change….believe me, after a fight I really feel like a senior 3 :-)

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  8. Romeo De Los Reyes says:

    Master 5!!!

  9. Michael Baity says:

    As if it matters what they call your division.

  10. Yikes! I'll be closin' in on Master 7…….

  11. is there a master6 competition anywhere?

  12. MN Nguyen says:

    Gleason Lardizabal Mark J Navarro Marcel Pantaleon

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