BJ Penn seminar in New York City at GMA Vitor Shaolin Academy Sept. 17


BJ Penn in action at the 2000 Worlds
BJ Penn in action at the 2000 Worlds

The list of people who will attend this seminar is growing by the minute. Vitor Shaolin’s long-time friend and early training partner BJ Penn will be at the Vitor Shaolin BJJ Academy on September 17 for a gi seminar. It will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Announced over the weekend, the spots are slowly filling up. If you would like more details and to confirm your spot, email: mssung@4blackbelt.com

The first American black belt world champion and UFC lightweight and welterweight champion will be bringing his techniques from Hawaii to the Time Square New York BJJ academy of fellow Nova Uniao teammate Vitor Shaolin. Don’t miss out, email today for more information.


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