Shoplifter apprehended, CNN comments: ‘Actually, I think those are Jiu-Jitsu moves’

A storeowner caught on tape apprehending a shoplifting suspect using a seatbelt hold and sinking his hooks. Photo: CNN video

It seems that our media crews are becoming more knowledgable these days about our martial art.

A store owner in Orlando, Florida was giving a video interview about the recent shoplifters at his store when mid-interview he spots one of the suspects and runs to catch him while leaving. The store owner grabbed onto the suspect, who was previously seen on tape stuffing a whole carton of eggs into his pants, and threw him to the floor, holding the seatbelt position and even sinking the hooks.

Initially referred to as a “full nelson” by the CNN correspondents, a reporter corrects himself after seeing the footage and attributes the moves to Jiu-Jitsu. He credits Jiu-Jitsu as he mentions how the store owner “put his legs around him.”

This position earned the store owner four points within an IBJJF competition as well as the pleasure of being reimbursed for his stolen goods and sending a thief to jail.

Check out the story below:

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14 Responses to “Shoplifter apprehended, CNN comments: ‘Actually, I think those are Jiu-Jitsu moves’”

  1. you go on da ground….lol awesome takedown

  2. "This position earned the store owner four points within an IBJJF competition".


  3. Jake Herrick says:

    no it didn't he never put is right hook in… unfortunately this is going to ref decision :(

  4. get your story correct–not that hard to do—it was NOT initially referred to as a "full-nelson" as this article so incorrectly reports–one reporter said that the store owner had apprehended a shoplifter a few days before by putting the shoplifter in a full-nelson and she made it clear to the other reporter that she was referring to a previous incident–not this incident.

  5. plus, I believe the points should be 6–takedown ( 2 points) and back control ( 4).

  6. 4 points for the back mount and 2 points for the takedown and control!

  7. not enough time control with the hooks to earn 4 points but he earned 2 points for the takedown!

  8. Christian Anger says:

    In another incident he approached a shoplifter in the frozen food isle and they both dropped for a double-guard pull. When the police showed up 45 minutes later the owner was still trying to secure position.

  9. Berto Palencia Glez says:

    I don't think there was a need to slam the old guy againts the floor! lol. he just wanted to look like a heroe.

  10. Sonam Kapoor says:

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