Photo: Jon Jones gives new meaning to ‘gutsy performance’ with this picture

Wow. Just … wow. On his Twitter account, UFC champ Jon Jones sporting a summer belly before his UFC 165 fight with Alexander Gustafsson. Not to worry, though, he still has over two months to go before weigh-ins. Time to cut back on the cake, Johnny.

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32 Responses to “Photo: Jon Jones gives new meaning to ‘gutsy performance’ with this picture”

  1. Koko Mycine says:


  2. Trent Lyle says:

    Lol…taking Alex the mauler lightly I see! Not a good plan…ask your boy Anderson!

  3. What in all shits!!!!

  4. Can't wait till guf fucks this fool up.

  5. Aaron Scott says:

    ITS JON JONES! He has 2 months left keep this photo and compare them then guarantee there will be a difference unless hes going for The Great White Hype effect(great movie).

  6. Gunther Ulvanget says:

    He is obviously in trouble since no other UFC veteran or MMA fighter has ever gained weight between fight

  7. Justin Thao says:

    OH MAN!!! Gustaffson by flying gogoplata now!!!!!

  8. Aaron Scott says:

    How much u wanna bet? Fight party at my house bring ya family

  9. Gunther Ulvanget says:

    Injured toe may have slowed does his running, but not his eating.

  10. Is he having a boy or a girl? Both maybe?

  11. How's he supposed to do that when he's pinned to the ground?

  12. now we have a competitive fight, otherwise I don't see gufftavson winning.

  13. Michael Sabe says:

    Hola, Jon. Don't forget the lesson Mr. Anderson gave the world. Treat all opponent as of equal calibre. You're my second fave because you hespect Mr. Anderson a lot, though if it happens that both of you agree to fight, I'd like to view it more as a kind of passing up the torch of GOATness. hehe! If you can beat Gustaffson, it will solidify your status even more because he's almost big as you are – so there will be no SIZE issue. And if you can dispatch Cormier, the big guys are waiting for you at the HW division. You are the CHOSEN ONE if you can get the HW Championship belt and the GOAT of the GOATs =). Buena Suerte!

  14. Joshua Pratt says:

    this is such an ignorant comment… of course they do or "cutting weight" would be an unheard of comment. when you are in such good shape even 5 lbs looks like a lot…

  15. Garry Malloy says:

    Joshua Pratt Go see a doctor. Your sarcasm detector is broken.

  16. Todd Naz says:

    Not in great shape due to injury but he is pushing his stomach out. He is trying to send out mind games but it's obvious to me. Jones will win easily….

  17. Todd Naz says:

    Wediman is no joke and I'm sick of everybody saying Silva gave it to him. Ya whatever…. Why would you get knocked out and let your brain rattle in your skull if it was a dive? Or Silva didn't take him seriously? Huh? It's not like Weidman is Forrest Griffin so I don't buy that.

  18. Joshua, never go full retard.

  19. You act like Anderson never dispatched 16 guys in a row. It's all mind games and when has Jones takin someone lightly? Alex will not know what to do with the speed of Jones and fall like the rest.

  20. Shit. That just shows you he is ready for the HW belt whenever! Lol. Not to worry. He will still end Gus.

  21. Empty Faces says:

    Jonny's mentor is BIG COUNTRY ROY NELSON…

  22. enough already…how many fighters have you seen without a shirt on in between fights? Most look like that! Take it from me…i'm a fighter! It doesn't take very long to get back in shape to fight! Still going to be a good fight, but Jon should win.

  23. Forgive me…had a flashback! I'm an Ex-fighter…to old to get hit now!

  24. Yall r a bag of dicks.

  25. Lenny Sims says:

    Garry Malloy I was hoping somebody would tell him. too funny

  26. Kris K Sketch says:

    Good to give the body a rest and refuel in between heavy training.

  27. Todd Naz You're totally right man !Fuck Silva knew he can't beat Weidman!When all the MMA stars were publicly saying Weidman will beat Silva,that was the first blow to his ego,than when he realized Weidman isn't afraid of him and totally believed he can beat Silva,that fucked him up more.The Final blow came at the Weigh ins when Weidman walked right into his face and wouldn't back up even when he offered his lips!You could see on his face he was different and worried when walked out to fight!And you could see all his corner man were worried and talking extra to him to make him believe!Weidman DID what he Promised and what GSP told everyone 4 months ego!!!

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