Dana White confirms Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman rematch for end of 2013

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Ladies and gentleman, we have a rematch.

UFC President Dana White confirmed yesterday, Saturday, on ESPN’s SportsCenter that UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and former title holder Anderson Silva will have a rematch of their UFC 162 fight.

“UFC 168: Silva vs. Weidman II” will take place on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, White said.

“I don’t know that there’s been more hype in UFC history after a fight,” he said. “Everybody’s been wondering if there’s going to be a rematch. I’ve been working on it since Thursday.

“Both guys signed their bout agreements. Anderson Silva is fired up, motivated and wants his belt back.”

Silva lost the title, as well as his first fight in the Octagon, in the July 6 bout against Weidman. Before and after the fight, Silva declared that he didn’t want a rematch, admitting that he was tired from the years of having the title and defending his winning streak.

Now, however, Silva appears motivated and ready to contend for the belt that he owned for almost seven years.

“I back. Trust me, I back,” Silva told ESPN.

With the addition of what is considered to be one of the biggest rematches in UFC history, UFC 168′s former main event, Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate, will slide to the co-main event spot.

Rousey, the UFC women’s bantamweight champion, will face Tate for a second time. The first encounter between the two took place when the fighters were part of the Strikeforce promotion. In the fight, Rousey finished Tate with a first-round armbar – the only way Rousey has finished all of her fights.

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26 Responses to “Dana White confirms Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman rematch for end of 2013”

  1. Alison Santos says:

    Sem beijinho, dessa vez ele ganha….

  2. Ruan Costa De Moraes says:


  3. Alexandre Carmo says:

    yeah.. Soh vai ter rematch por que os seus patrocinadores estao sendo humilhado por cause the sua derrota. Eu estive lah e vi a luta. Papelao, perdeu meu respeito :/! Mas, como VC eh pau mandado… tem que aceitar o que o Dana fala certo? Boa sorte Anderson.


  5. Clint West says:

    muito bom! now we will see who actually is the better fighter…as long as Silva isn't showboating.


  7. mundo do negocia! sem vender dessa vez viuuu $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  8. Ricky Mendoza says:

    Go Silva!

  9. mesmo assim tava perto do beijar, mas ngm lhe pode chamar veado se não…

  10. Olha o Marketing.. todo mundo vai querer ver esta luta, só pra ver Anderson Silva arrebentar a cara do Weidman.


  12. porra mano quer Marketing coloca eu luta ai tira essa vergonheira pq spider ja era motivo dele entregar a luta simples peso medio precisa de um novo campeão spider ja tem quarentão perto de c aposentar é isso.

  13. Silva is not allowed to fight untill end of august for medical purpose. . But dec 28 will be the time he come back..

  14. well I hope silva doesn't pull that shit he pulled in his last match with weidman cause it was despicable and disrespectful hope to the silva we seen against belfort.

  15. anderson silva was playing too much that's the only reason he lost…hope he learned from his mistake or else hes going to get his shit rocked for the second time lol.

  16. Lucas China says:

    lol were all puppets on a string.

  17. Rudy Alexander Magana says:

    what pissed me off was that all of silva's fans booed him.

  18. Silva was just too much humiliated after the 1st fight because of his BIG mistake that's why he said he'll never fight for the title again…He deserves a rematch because everyone is contemplating, what if he didn't showboated, Did Weidman stand a chance? So, this rematch is just right for both parties.

  19. Andrew Evett says:

    Still have my money on Silvia.

  20. Richard Hollyday says:

    Yeah! incrível

  21. dessa vez sem entregar.nao liga p as apostas.eu sei q são mts.vc lutando serio não perde p esse americano cara de jaca, kkkkkk.

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