Anderson Silva: “I’ll fight Weidman again on December 28″

Chris Weidman knocks Anderson Silva out during the main event of UFC 162; photo: Getty Images

Silva vs. Weidman 2 to happen December 28, according to the former champion.

Anderson Silva confirmed the date of the rematch with Chris Weidman.

The title bout will take place on December 28, as the main event of the UFC 168.

The Spider confirmed the date on an interview to Brazilian magazine, GQ.

He said: “After the defeat, I have to get ready to fight again. By the way, I confirm the remacth with Weidman for December 28″.

Silva also talked about what happened in the octagon last Saturday: “If i could go back, I would be more focused. I would chose a diferent path, but would keep the same tactics. I have a lot of confidence in my game, only it did not work this time. I had never been knocked out before and I realy didn’t like it”.

The former UFC middleweight champion refuted once again the possibility of throwing the fight: “It’s crazy talk! I trained four months for that fight. My team was in tears in the lockeroom. I would never throw a fight. Never!”

The UFC hasn’t confirmed the rematch between Weidman and Silva.

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4 Responses to “Anderson Silva: “I’ll fight Weidman again on December 28″”

  1. Matthew King says:

    Silva will get it back, hes too good for Chris, any one can get clipped no matter how good, so nice to know it will be back where it belongs on the 28th.

  2. Micah McAllaster says:

    He said it, he took the fall to make the money. UFC just became the new boxing.

  3. Fang Fang says:

    $$$$$ Rematch $$$$$ Silva!

  4. Idriss Labro says:

    Weidman percentage of Anderson nothing gave him the opportunity Defeated but I Antdharo received by the defeat and Weidman Stbaka in history such as Belfort, UNAMI and Bonner and others.

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