Jon Jones signs up to train Jiu-Jitsu at GB New Mexico

Jon Jones at GB New Mexico earlier tonight

Jon Jones at GB New Mexico earlier tonight

The UFC’s light heavyweight champion is now a white belt.

Jon “Bones” Jones tweeted today a simple message with a picture: “I’m excited to stop neglecting my weakness.”

The picture shows him at Gracie Barra New Mexico in Albuquerque. The invitation came from the school’s leader, Roberto “Tussa” Alencar.

“I began training in wrestling at Jackson’s MMA in December last year and about two weeks ago we met and I invited him to train in the gi with us,” Tussa explained. “Tonight he came to the academy to sign up.”

Tussa added that Jones will attend gi training after his upcoming fight against Chael Sonnen on April 27.

“We have a very good no-gi training session every Friday and a lot of MMA guys train with us, like Carlos Condit, Clay Guida, among others,” he said.

In another post, Jones wrote about how he faced this new experience for him.

“I went into that class tonight extremely humble ready to learn,” he wrote.

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20 Responses to “Jon Jones signs up to train Jiu-Jitsu at GB New Mexico”

  1. Sam Lucero says:

    That's my school!

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  3. Thomas David Elliott says:

    this dude is the future..

  4. Good Luck Jon Jones, Tapout Xt, Come and get it :-)

  5. Kimberly Bade says:


  6. […] According to, Roberto “Tussa” Alencar, the leader of the Gracie Barra gym in Albuquerque, invited Jones to come train. […]

  7. A humble champ- that's someone the world can get excited cheer for and follow. Go get it "Bones" Jones.

  8. little late to start preparing for Chael, shouldve been training BJJ since he started dodging Chael. LMAO! Win or lose, Jones will know he was in a fight after he meets up with Chael.

    • Sam Lucero says:

      Should be a quick and violent 1st round TKO, Chael has no business at LHW.

    • Colin Yuille says:

      Jones dodging Sonnen. That's fucking hilarious!

    • What do you call it then? I had never, till Jones did it, seen a UFC fighter, let alone a champion say no to injury substiution, especially when he had been preparing for a fight. Then have the champ actually try and down play the challenger, saying he has to "earn his shot"…even Greg Jackson told him, "if you take this fight, it will be the biggest mistake in your career."…The only reason JJ took the fight, was due to FANS wanting to see it…………and it says alot that JJ feels the need to go outside of Jacksons to get BJJ training.

    • and sam, dont get me wrong, its cool your an MMA fan, cuz i live in the ABQ too…and i really wish more ABQ guys would become real fans, so we could get some bigger shows…but dude, i looked at your page and your kindof a Jackson Homer…….i mean i like JJ his fights have been entertaining, but dude, you cant tell me that Chael doesnt present some real problems for JJ.

    • Sam Lucero says:

      No if Chael did present problems it would be his wrestling but Jon Jones being bigger and stronger and having a better Greco-Roman style completely nulifies his only strength that he had in the Middleweight division, also JJ doesnt need to go outside of Jacksons to train jiu jitsu, our head professor Tussa trains at Jacksons already, he just simply invited JJ to come and train with the Gi. Plenty of Jacksons fighters are always there on fridays anyway.

    • Cool! you train?!? thats awesome. Well, guess we will have to disagree on the who is stronger and who has better wrestling…Nice to have an informed discussion about a fighter though.

    • Pat Gribs says:

      Jackson's isn't so much a BJJ school, but an MMA school first. Won't matter, Jones won't be wearing a white belt for very long.

    • Austin Thorne says:

      Well that ended quickly

  9. Nilo Chinilla says:


  10. Shut the fuck up @ albert apache jones is going to demolish that fuckinh clown you fucking idiot!!!

  11. […] UFC Champion Jon Jones puts on a gi and a white belt and starts to work on what he calls “his weakness”, his BJJ. Even the best know they need BJJ or they will eventually fall to someone who does. That is why he is a Champion. […]

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