Watch the sweep that took out Pablo Popovitch at the No-Gi Pan

Absolute champ Pablo Popovitch at the 2012 No-Gi Pan in New York. The Jiu-Jitsu professor got caught by surprise in the weight-group semifinal. Photo by Dan Rod.

At the 2012 No-Gi Pan last Saturday in New York, Pablo Popovitch reigned supreme in the open weight black belt division, but at weight he had the brakes put on him by dark horse Ezra Lenon of ATT in the semifinal.

In their encounter, Lenon was training by four to one on advantage points when he managed to take a 2-0 lead with a sweep. Erza was only kept from winning by Gracie Barra’s Kleber Buiú in the final.



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    1. Becouse he crossed the Legs i told you guys A MILLION times dont cross the legs the Ref dont give points if legs are crossed or triangle around waste. First control with hooks for 3 secs to get the points and then do as you like. Tough luck for Popovits from the look of things he though he was ahead on points….


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