6 warmups to start revamping your Jiu-Jitsu today

Aquecer propriamente pode ser a diferença entre uma atuação gloriosa ou frustrante, como GRACIEMAG não cansa de reforçar. Foto: Roger Gracie, por Ray Santana/GRACIEMAG.

The warmup may in itself be the difference between a glorious performance and frustration, as GRACIEMAG never ceases to reiterate. Photo: Roger Gracie by Ray Santana/GRACIEMAG.

Although it’s often forgotten or neglected, the warmup is an important part of Jiu-Jitsu class. Warmed up and stretched out, athletes avoid injuries, pick up the pace and see improved performances—in training and in competition. So on that note, we dug up five ways for you to improve your warmup.

These tips come from many-time world champion Saulo Ribeiro to former UFC star Ricardo Cachorrão, and on to brown belt Trevor Newton, a student of our GMA in Texas João Crus.


In the lessons, you learn some moves, like shrimping get-up techniques and, in closing, stretches using a Jiu-Jitsu belt. The important part is that all the exercises apply one of the main Jiu-Jitsu commandments: minimum force, maximum efficiency.

Study the subject in the following videos and comment below: What’s your warmup trick? If you’d rather, record your innovative warmup at the academy and send it in to us.

1. Warm up with Ricardo Cachorrão Almeida

2. Saulo Ribeiro

3. Trevor Newton

4. Russo

5. Academia Serrinha/Nova União

6. Patrick and Jiu-Jitsu exercises to do on your own

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  1. […] I think I could estimate that over 90% of martial artists are not professional athletes in their respective art. This meaning not everyone spends all day long training in the gym and they get their check cut to them from a different source than a fight promoter. As athletes we cannot afford to get injured. Injuries lead to having to take time off the mats and heal up which not only affects our BJJ and MMA skill set but it also can affect us at work which in reality is more important. By warming up we get the blood flowing to our muscles and our muscles stretched out so they are ready to go for the rigors of training. This not only will have us performing at a higher level but also will help prevent injuries and pulled muscles. You can learn more about warming up in this article by Gracie Mag […]

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