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Winners of the Gramado tryouts. Photo: Carlos Ozório

The organizer of three Abu Dhabi World Pro tryouts, Fernando Paradeda annouunces some news from the events. Both for the qualfiers organized by the black belt and the main event in the United Arab Emirates, the athletes will earn money.

“This time, besides in Gramado, I’m responsible for tryouts in other Jiu-Jitsu hubs. I’m organizing events in San Diego, a city where some of the United States’ biggest teams are, and Las Vegas, a worldwide reference when it comes to fighting,” he tells GRACIEMAG.com.

Like all the other five-star tryouts, the three guarantee travel and board for the winners of the five brown/black belt divisions; to two purple belt competitors (lightweight and heavyweight absolutes); to two white and blue belts (light and heavyweight absolutes); to two female purple, brown, and black belts; and to two female white and blue belts; as well as five thousand dollars in prize money for the men’s absolute brown and black belt division.

The difference this time is that running parallel to these qualifiers will be versions for the World Pro Kids, as this event will take place during the World Pro. The same goes for the Abu Dhabi World Pro Masters and Seniors, for athletes over thirty-two years of age. Regarding the Masters and Seniors, the black belts tryouts will reward prize money.

And lastly, there will also be a parallel no-gi tournament, since the Abu Dhabi No-Gi World Pro will see its maiden event. For this tournament – divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced divisions – rewards one ticket (without board) to the No-Gi World Pro to the winner of the advanced absolute, as well as awarding money prizes to the winners of the weight divisions.

Fernando Paradeda. Photo: Carlos Ozório

“Each of the qualifiers will distribute a total of 80 thousand dollars in prizes. It will be awesome,” adds Paradeda.

To find out more about the World Pro and the qualifiers to be held around the world, visit www.uaejj.com. There will be more on www.abudhabiprojj.com shortly.

Check out the dates and contacts for the tryouts:

3 Stars
26 and 27 November 2010
Organizer contact: kholoudkad@cyberia.jo

China – Shanghai
3 Stars
18 December 2010
Organizer contact: Linfo@jjfcn.com

South Africa – Johannesburg
4 Stars
8 and 9 January 2011
Organizer contact: dave@powerbalanceshop.co.za

Portugal – Lisbon
5 Stars
15 January 2011
Organizer contact: zemarcello@mac.com

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
5 Stars
22 January 2011
Organizer contact: lerjji@gmail.com

USA – Las Vegas
5 Stars
29 January 2011
Organizer contact: feparadeda@hotmail.com

USA – New York
5 Stars
5 February 2011
Organizer contact: emilionovoa@aol.com

Poland – Warsaw
5 Stars
12 February 2011
Organizer contact: kuba@mantofight.com

Australia – Sydney
5 Stars
19 February 2011
Organizer contact: pratesalex@hotmail.com

Canada – Montreal
5 Stars
26 February 2011
Organizer contact: fabio_holanda@hotmail.com

USA – San Diego
5 Stars
5 and 6 March 2011
Organizer contact: feparadeda@hotmail.com

Japan – Tokyo
5 Stars
13 March 2011
Organizer contact: contact@axisjj.com

Brasil – Gramado
5 Stars
19 and 20 March 2011
Organizer contact: feparadeda@hotmail.com

UK – London
5 Stars
26 March  2011
Organizer contact: zemarcello@mac.com

Bahrain – Manama
3 Stars
2 April 2011
Organizer contact: reza@batelco.com.bh

UAE – Abu Dhabi – No Gi Tournament
8 and 9 of April 2011
contact:  worldpro@uaejj.com

UAE – Abu Dhabi – Gi Tournament
14, 15 and 16 of April 2011
contact:  worldpro@uaejj.com



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